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    Chidzuka Makina is a "butt fetishist", he finally found the perfect butt, which is the butt of... Satori's best friend, his girlfriend. Perfect butt from color, shape, size to roundness. Chidzuka Makina unconsciously became a stalker for his girlfriend's best friend, stalking and secretly taking pictures of Chidzuka Makina's butt, using those pictures to masturbate. And like a god epiphany, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity suddenly appeared. Because she forgot something, Chidzuka Makina went to their house to look for something while Satori was not here. Unable to resist Takeshi's seductive butt, he seemed to have lost his mind, rushing to "invade" this ass! Even though Riko kept trying to stop her, her body kept leaking water, as if it wanted to denounce her. After secretly fucking each other a few times with Takeshi, Chidzuka Makina gradually stopped being angry with him, and she even managed to let him enjoy the feeling of pleasure even more...